3G Sunset
The cellular networks Bouncie uses to send data from the device to our system will be changing soon. Early next month, T-Mobile will begin the 3G network shutdown, and AT&T started to shut down 3G in February, and it is nearly complete for all regions.
Unfortunately, after the 3G network shutdown, 3G Bouncie devices will not be able to communicate.
Although the planned shutdown of 3G networks is not an industry surprise, we've experienced significant challenges manufacturing Bouncie devices with 4G technology during the current semiconductor shortage. Accordingly, we are just now able to communicate the next steps with you.
Don't wait to replace!
We're working hard to meet demand for 4G Devices!
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  • After the 3G sunset, older Bouncie devices will stop working.
  • Older 3G devices will need to be replaced with a 4G Device.
  • Replacement 4G Devices will work for at least four years.
  • Your monthly data subscription is not changing.
Before you plug–in your replacement 4G Device, let's link it to your vehicle.
A message from our CEO
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Common Questions
Why is this happening?
For two decades, cellular communication from devices (not phones) has relied on 2G and 3G networks. These networks have been reliable and sufficient for the type of data transmitted from IoT devices.
With 4G achieving mainstream status and 5G just about to take off, the transition away from legacy networks is needed to ensure technology improvements.
The 4G Bouncie device will work on existing networks for several years.
Is a 5G device available?
Communication from Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices utilize much less data than smartphones. 5G is not available in all markets yet, and most IoT devices would not benefit from the added bandwidth. 5G is a new technology that will become commonplace over several years, and the new 4G Bouncie device will work perfectly on the 4G network for several years.