Your auto. Mobile.

Three phone screenshots showing the Bouncie app
Locate all your vehicles anytime.
View and manage your driving trip history, driving habits, and statistics.
Manage all the vehicles in your household.
Bouncie app summary screenshot

Insightful driving

GPS Location

Pinpoint any vehicle’s location anytime, anywhere. Stay connected and gain peace of mind.


Bouncie will help you create driving zones. Know when your vehicle enters or leaves every time.

Speed Bands

View every trip with customizable, color-coded speed maps.


Bouncie keeps you updated. Create notifications for speed, acceleration, hard braking, and more.

Always helpful


Say hello to intelligent vehicle diagnostics! Bouncie uses your car’s OBD port to decode 1000s of engine alerts, so you’re never in the dark about lights on your dash.

Fuel & Battery

Stay on top of your car’s health with fuel levels and battery status at a glance.

History & Habits

Keep track of every mile. Review, tag, group, and export your vehicle’s driving history. Actionable insights encourage good driving habits.

Bouncie app maintenance screenshot
Bouncie app vehicle details screenshot

Goodbye glovebox


Go paperless. Keep all of your insurance information at your fingertips.

Vehicle Information

Easily access important information for all of your vehicles from our mobile app or through smart assistants like Alexa and Google Home.


Setup renewal reminders for registration, inspection, and more. The perfect solution for families and businesses with multiple vehicles.

Multiple Logins

Share any vehicle on multiple devices.