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Will it work on my vehicle?

Bouncie works on most vehicles 1996 and newer.
Check your vehicle's compatibility and find it's OBD port location below.

Getting Started

Q: Is the Bouncie device easy to install? How long does it take?

A: The Bouncie OBD device is extremely simple to install in seconds; no professional installation required! You simply plug it into your vehicle’s OBD port, which is usually found under the driver’s side dash near the steering column. Some vehicles may require the removal of a small plastic cover to access the OBD port.

Q: Is the Bouncie device compatible with my car?

A: The Bouncie device works with 1997 and newer vehicles. The device plugs into the federally mandated OBD port, which is usually found under the driver’s side dash near the steering column.

When purchasing Bouncie for a 2006 and older vehicle, please respond to the order confirmation email and provide your VIN so that we can make certain the device that ships is pre-programmed for your vehicle.

Q: Where can I buy the device?

A: You can purchase devices at

Your Account

Q: Can I change the phone number associated with my account?

A: Yep! Just tap on Account in the app’s main menu and then enter the new phone number into the Phone field.

Q: What if I sell my car?

A: Please be sure to remove your Bouncie device and take it with you. You are free to move the device to your next vehicle. Just remember to remove the old vehicle from your account and add the new vehicle in the app.

Q: Can I move my device to a different vehicle?

A: Of course! Just don’t forget to add your new vehicle on your account in the Bouncie app.

Q: Which mobile operating systems are supported?

A: The Bouncie app works best on smart phones that run iOS 9 and later and Android 4.4x (KitKat) and later.

Q: How to Cancel?

A: If you find for any reason that you need to cancel your subscription, please contact our support team and they will be happy to assist you.


Q: How does the Bouncie device work?

A: As you drive, the Bouncie device communicates with your car and securely sends your data to the cloud. Anytime you open the app, you can view unlimited trip history, manage your driving habits, monitor your vehicle’s health, and more!

Q: How do I know it’s working?

A: When you plug in the Bouncie device, the blinking lights let you know it’s connected. Once you’ve added your vehicle in the app all you need to do is drive. It’s that easy. Your driving stats will start to show in the “Drive” section of the app once you have completed your first trip.

Q: I use a device from my insurance company. Can I also use the Bouncie device?

A: No. Since most cars only have one OBD port, the device may not be used simultaneously with any other OBD connected device.

Q: Does my subscription include any data limits or overage charges?

A: No. Each subscription includes unlimited driving data. Which means, the Bouncie device has everything it needs to stay connected for every mile.


Q: How soon will I get alerts from my trips?

A: Depending on Bouncie device’s and your mobile device’s data connections, you can receive trip alerts in mere seconds from the conclusion of your trip.

Q: Can I have more than one vehicle in my account?

A: Absolutely! All that is needed is more Bouncie devices and you can add as many vehicles to your app as you like.  When you’re ready to add a vehicle, open the right side menu and select ‘Add Vehicle’.  The app will take it from there.


Q: Is my data from the Bouncie device secure?

A: Yes. The device securely sends your data using an SSL encrypted connection.

Q: What information does the Bouncie device collect?

A: The device may collect the following:

  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Time at trip start and trip end
  • Odometer, if supported
  • GPS location
  • Diagnostic trouble codes, if check engine light illuminates
  • Speed metrics
  • Acceleration / Deceleration metrics
  • Device connect / Disconnect events
  • Vehicle battery voltage
  • Fuel levels
  • Fuel economy, if supported

Q: Who can see the data my device reads?

A: We take your privacy seriously. Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for details.


Size Dimensions

1.75in x 1.875in x 1in
4.45cm x 4.76cm x 2.5cm




1996 or newer


United States