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Your complete connected car solution for just
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This is Bouncie!

This little adapter plugs into almost any car. No tools. No wires.

It just plugs-in and works directly with the app, connecting your car to your life.

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No Contract

Roadside Assistant

Future Proof Guarantee

Unlimited Driving Data

No Contract

Future Proof Guarantee

Roadside Assistant

Unlimited Driving Data

Erase worry

My daughter was late yesterday. I was frustrated, then I began to worry.
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Know the drivers in your family are safe. Using Geo-Circles, Bouncie will help you create driving zones. It’s now easy to stay updated when your family arrives or when they leave.

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Location, location, location

It’s nice to know I can check on my vehicle anytime.

Know precisely where all your vehicles are in real-time! Whether driving or parked, you will always be informed.

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Drive Alerts
Taylor’s car exceeded 70mph

Driving habits revealed

Our son just passed the driving test and is eager to get behind the wheel.
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Real-time insights into the driving habits of your household. With notifications for speed, acceleration, hard braking, and more, better decisions can be made while on the road.

Business miles made casual

I’m constantly on the move. Meeting clients, visiting vendors; it never stops.

Drive your vehicle for work? Business miles and client visits are automatically tagged and recorded. Keeping track of miles just got easy.

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If they need help

If they ever need my help, I want to be sure I can find them.
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Bouncie let’s you request roadside assistance and share your exact location so help can arrive quickly.

Health concerns?

My car is so important to me, without it, my life is impossible.

Manage the little things before they become big problems. Bouncie monitors your vehicle’s health. If something needs your attention, you’ll be notified.

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Go ahead and forget.

Now for the first time, I know where everything is.
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Never miss a renewal for your license, registration, insurance, plates, and more — all in the palm of your hand.

Connect your car to your life

Location, driving data and diagnostics for all the vehicles in your household.

Bouncie app and device

$8 per month

*Plus one time device charge

No Contract Ever

Roadside Assistant

Future Proof Guarantee

Unlimited Driving Data

30 day happiness guarantee!

We want you to be happy. If you’re not satisfied, no worries! You have 30 days after the original purchase date to return the product for a full refund.